About Colleen AF Venable

I grew up in the trees of Walden, New York….well, not very high up the trees, since I always got scared, but I did carve my name in a lot of low hanging boughs. I had an older sister, a dog, a cat, a million fish, and an imaginary pet hamster named, yup you guessed it, Hamisher. Why have an imaginary friend when you can have an imaginary friend that can fit in your pocket! I went to Wagner College and double majored in English and Studio Art, winning the award of “biggest dork” (aka first in my class) and writing plays which went on to be produced Off-Off-Broadway. My whole life I always loved reading comics—Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and I wore out my copy of the Muppets: Short, Green and Handsome—but it wasn’t until I started to get into webcomics that I also fell in love with the idea of writing comics. Now my day job is designing graphic novels for First Second Books and my night job is writing graphic novels about a not-so-imaginary-anymore hyperactive hamster named Hamisher. I love it more than I love having feet and I really do love having feet. They keep my shoes on.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my four ridiculously old fish (12 years old and counting!) including Emilio-the-almost-an-eel-io, who would like to say hello.

I’m proudly repped by the wonderful Barry Goldblatt of BG Literary, who’s list of clients keeps my jaw constantly falling to the floor.




-I have a giant connect-the-dots tattoo of an invisible giraffe

-I have a cool rock you can see stuck in my knee from a slip-and-slide related incident.

-I have a bad habit of improvising funny lyrics over normal songs.

-If you invent a holiday eventually the world will catch on! Proud co-creator of Lumberjack Day (lumberjackday.net OR lumberjackdaydotcomwastaken.com), created with my friend Marianne Ways and celebrated every September 26.

-The AF stands for Ann Felicity my two middle names, though shhhh don’t tell. I usually make people guess for a while first. There’s a long story why I have two middle names and an even longer story about why there’s no punctuation between the two, but I’ll leave that part up to your imagination.



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